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Document Copy Services
Professional Services goes On-site, (see: Service Area) to copy the records you require. Using state of the art scanning equipment and microfilm technology; we copy business and medical / legal records daily. We will meet your document needs and provide the turnaround time you expect. Besides record copying, we also offer; Hospital Record Indexing, Page Numbering, Document Binding, and Paperless File Transmittal (via FileMagic).

Professional Services is a Licensed and Bonded Professional Photocopy Service; in the State of California, County of Sonoma, Registration Number PH -11.

Subpoena Preparation
Professional Services prepares Workers Compensation Appeal Board Subpoenas as well as Superior Court Civil Subpoena Duces Tecum for Discovery. We also prepare and forward all associated paperwork; including Declaration in Support of Subpoena, Certificate of Compliance, Affidavit of the Custodian of Records, Notice to Consumer and Notices to Opposing Counsel. All orders for subpoena preparation and service are computer tracked and reports are reviewed daily to assure timely production and service.

Subpoena Service
Professional Services will provide personal service of Subpoenas and Patient Authorizations to Record Custodians in the San Francisco Bay Area (see: Service Area). All servers are licensed and bonded professionals as required by law. When required to have subpoenas served outside our area; we use a quality network of professionals who also are members of the California Association of Photocopiers and Process Servers (CAPPS).

Professional Services is a Licensed and Bonded Process Service; in the State of California, County of Sonoma, Registration Number P- 140

Witness Fee Advance
In accordance with California's Civil Codes many hospitals and medical offices are now demanding the statutory witness fee be simultaneously provided with the request to copy patient records. Professional Services will, with your approval, advance these fees on your behalf, adding only a small service charge to the cost.

Patient Authorization to Release
Professional Services has built years of good rapport with Medical Record Custodians in the San Francisco Bay Area. We can smoothly and efficiently obtain the medical records you require with a signed patient release form. Since medical professionals have limited time and equipment to copy records; more and more doctors and hospitals are requiring outside services to copy the requested files. We can provide you a copy of the required Release Form for signature, upon return of this executed form; we can obtain the records you seek. Just give us a call, Toll Free 800.458.8282

X-Ray Duplication Services
Most Hospitals and Medical Offices no longer release original X-ray films and other Imaging products (except directly to other physicians). This now requires that copies be made for distribution. Professional Services has the facility to reproduce these needed Images. From CT's to Bone Scans, X-Rays to MRI's; Professional Services has the answer. Call us for more information.

Document Scanning
Professional Services scans and stores Medical / Legal document production images on CD-ROM disks for our clients requiring longer term storage. This allows clients the opportunity to obtain additional copies of these documents for disbursement to expert witnesses, opposing counsels or others without the expense of recopying these needed files.

List of Additional Services

  • Audio Cassette Tape Reproduction
  • VHS Video Tape Reproduction
  • Paper Copies from Microfiche
  • In-House Bulk Legal PhotoCopy
  • Superior and Municipal Court File Searches
  • Workers' Compensation (WCAB) File Searches

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